About the Artists





Art has been an  influence my life and my life has influenced my artwork . I have have worked in many mediums over the last forty years.




I am originally from Mangere, South Auckland, but have managed to escape to the Waitetuna Valley, Raglan (Whaingaroa), where we have one of the oldest ten acre blocks in the Waikato. Living in such a beautiful place, I can’t help but be inspired by the flaura and fauna around me.

My love of gardening is apparent by the many botanical themes I create, and having a typical New Zealand heritage (a bit of this, a bit of Ngai Tahu, and a bit of that), I enjoy creating Maori motifs. There’s something in the fluid nature of them that appeals to me. 


 D Keats

Felting to me is poetry, and is probably one of the oldest known textiles. With the wool, linking together to hold other natural fibres, I can create unique articles, blending colours, surface embellishments, three-dimensional forms and innovative methods including Nuno felting. 

Pure silk, hand dyed, adds lustre with endless possibilities.


 Ellen Keats

Art is my passion.
At the moment ,negative /gentle abstract has an intriguing influence on my paintings, therefore working with Black, White and Grey enables a creative dimension with a strong stand out effect. 

 Lighting and reflections also enhance my images.